L'Orient le Jour: "Des ONG dénoncent la marche arrière du gouvernement sur la loi d’accès à l’information"

September 3, 2019

The Law of Access to Information passed by the Parliament is not restricted only to giving information to citizens who request it, but also includes other reforms awaiting implementation such as publishing administrative expenditures and annual reports of concerned administration. In this context, Kulluna Irada organized in partnership with The Legal Agenda a press conference around “Blocking Access to Information is a Green Light to Corruption”. 

The conference, held on September 3, 2019, gathered former MP Ghassan Moukeiber, who worked during his time in Parliament on the establishment of this law, and the Gherbal Initiative who worked closely with state administrations to assure the implementation of the law and issued a report in 2018 about it. It came as a step following the issuance of a decision by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on 26 June 2019, rejecting a request for information presented by Kulluna Irada and The Legal Agenda in relation to power production plants. 

The press conference was covered by L'Orient le Jour, read the Article (in French) here.

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