The Monetary and Financial Appointments: a Critical Process

March 25, 2020

In the next few days, the Lebanese government needs to fill 14 key official positions within the monetary and financial sector regulatory authorities. These nominations are critical given the unfolding economic and financial crisis, which will require an overhaul of Lebanon’s monetary policy framework, a major restructuring of the banking sector which has become both illiquid and insolvent, and vital negotiations with international financial institutions and creditors on debt restructuring.

Kulluna Irada considers these collective vacancies as an opportunity for the government to both showcase its claimed independence from the influence of the political establishment and take the necessary actions to reform the Lebanese economic and financial model. 

The government has a moral duty and a national responsibility to ensure that individuals of exceptional leadership, competence, integrity and experience are nominated in those positions. Their appointment should also follow an irreproachable recruitment process based on meritocracy, transparency and independence from political and banking sector interference. 

Lebanon Crisis

As Lebanon is facing an economic, monetary, financial, banking, and social crisis, Kulluna Irada seeks to promote the swift development of a rescue plan, based on the principles of social justice and economic efficiency.

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