Executive Team

Executive Team

An executive team based in Beirut is in charge of carrying out the mission of Kulluna Irada and managing its internal and external operations. The executive team translates the vision and strategy of the board into executive actions, identifies priority policy issues and liaises with different stakeholders on the Lebanese political scene such as decision makers, political parties in the opposition, activists, civil society organizations, experts, journalists and academics.

Below are the profiles of our team members.

Diana Menhem

Managing Director


Diana Menhem is an economist, public policy expert, and strategist. She leads Kulluna Irada's executive team after extensive expertise with the United Nations, where she last occupied the position of Senior Economic Advisor at the UN Resident Coordinator's Office in Beirut. There, she advised on national economic priorities, development policies, and government reform commitments on portfolios including CEDRE and the Beirut Port Blast Response. Previously, Diana held an extended tenure at leading management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, where she advised MENA governments on public policy development, public sector restructuring, and economic growth strategies. She is also politically engaged and has held a leadership position with emerging opposition group Beirut Madinati. Diana Menhem holds a Master in Economic Development from the University of London - School of Oriental and African Studies and a BBA in Finance from the American University of Beirut.

Sibylle Rizk

Director of Public Policies


Sibylle Rizk brings in an extensive policy expertise and a wide knowledge of Lebanon’s socio-economic challenges from her former experience as Editor in Chief of the leading Lebanese monthly Le Commerce du Levant. She previously headed the economy and business section at L’Orient-Le Jour and has been the correspondent for Le Figaro in Beirut since the year 2000. She is a board member of LOGI (Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative), founding board member of ALDIC (Association Libanaise pour les Droits et l’Information des Contribuables), and served as board member of Sakker el Dekkené. Sibylle Rizk holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance from the Paris Institute of Political Studies.

Rita Bahout

Administrative Manager


Rita Bahout is the organizational backbone of Kulluna Irada. With over ten years of experience in the administrative sector, she manages a wide range of functions related to HR, logistics, office management, accounting and procurement. She is currently taking a workshop in the Human Resources Management program as part of the HRM Certificate at the Lebanese American University Continuing Education Program (LAU CE). Rita Bahout holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from the Lebanese University.

Stephanie Koussa

Senior Communication Officer


Stephanie Koussa joined the Kulluna Irada team with a background in both filmmaking and communication. She produced two award-winning short documentaries as part of her academic journey, and studied Mass Communication as an exchange student in New York as part of the Near East and South Asia Undergraduate Exchange Program funded by the U.S. Department of State. Prior to her work at Kulluna Irada, she interned at the Communication and Information Unit at the United Nations-ESCWA. Stephanie Koussa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Audiovisual Arts from the Institute of Theater, Audiovisual, and Cinematographic Studies of Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ).

Hala Dib

Communications Director

Hala Dib

Hala Dib is the Managing Partner of Soapbox Communications, a public relations and image building firm. She has an extensive expertise in conceptualizing and managing projects and awareness campaigns for private and public sector entities and governmental bodies in addition to local and international non-for-profit organizations across different fields. Prior to that, Hala was the Programs Director at the public relations firm Public Arena and also worked as Account Director at Publicis Graphics, an advertising agency. She started her career as Account Manager at GAM DMB&B Lebanon. Hala Dib has a BA from Notre Dame University in Advertising and Marketing.

Jihane Zgheib

Operations Coordinator

Jihane Zgheib

Jihane Zgheib plans and implements Kulluna Irada’s events, mobilization and campaigning activities and trainings. She is an events manager with over 10 years of experience in the field, during which she has organized hundreds of corporate and social events. Jihane has also managed electoral mobilization activities during the 2018 parliamentary elections, and has been key in coordinating ground action and advocacy activities as part of the 17 October 2019 uprising. Jihane Zgheib holds a masters' degree from the Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA).

Reem El Dana

Advocacy Coordinator

Reem El Dana

Prior to joining the pedagogy of politics, Reem El Dana worked at a regional investment bank for 5 years, covering asset management, equity research and investment banking. She also served as a business researcher at the International Telecommunication Union, whose parent organization is the United Nations, in Geneva. She writes regularly on MENA geopolitics and regional security. Reem El Dana holds two bachelors from the American University of Beirut in Business Administration and Political Science, and a Masters' degree in International Relations from the Geneva School of Diplomacy.

Rana Rahbani

Outreach and Internal Communications Coordinator

Rana Rahbani

Rana Rahbani is Kulluna Irada’s outreach coordinator and in charge of the organization’s internal communication, in parallel to her position as Business Manager at Johnson & Johnson/ Intermedic SAL, where she is responsible for the primary liaison interface between both companies for all joint programs. Her responsibilities also include strategic development, new product rollouts/launches & campaigns, annual budgets, tenders, key accounts management, events planning, as well as all intermodal operations duties. Rahbani has an extensive experience in team and key asset management as well as personal and team sales target achievement and monitoring. Rana Rahbani holds a Masters of Biochemistry from the Lebanese University.

Samer Abdallah

Outreach Director

Samer Abdallah

Samer Abdallah comes with 15 years of experience in implementing development projects in Lebanon on democratization, political reform, public accountability, citizenship engagement and education. He was previously the director of the DAFI Scholarship Programme in Lebanon in 2019/2020. Samer co-led numerous advocacy initiatives and campaigns since 2009, including access to information, election reform, and municipal elections, with Nahwa Al Muwatiniya and the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections. He was senior director of the Lebanese Parliamentary Monitor, an initiative aimed at increasing transparency of parliament and allowing voters to hold their elected representatives accountable. He also contributed to several policy statements on election reform, and developed the first technical guide for female candidates in municipal elections in Lebanon in 2016. Samer Abdallah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business with Economics from the Arab Open University.

Carole Abi Jaoude

Political Networking Director

Carole Abou Jaoude

Carole Abi Jaoude is a networking strategist. After a long-standing career with Air France - KLM across the region, she took on an advisory role with the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD) as part of the largest World Bank education-funded program in Lebanon.

Carole has equally several credentials in community service as she partook in initiatives around parliamentary elections, municipalities and detention centers. She collaborated in different projects with the Professional Mediation Center of Saint Joseph University focusing on mediation and nonviolent communication as well as with GIZ tackling women’s empowerment and decision making in politics. Carole Abi Jaoude is a certified mediator. She holds a BA in Business& Social Sciences and a masters in Marketing & Management from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon.

Aya Abou Saleh

Legal Analyst

Aya Abou Saleh

Aya Abou Saleh is a fourth-year law student at Saint Joseph University in Lebanon. She is member in the USJ Secular Club and was student body president at the Faculty of Law. She previously worked as a student researcher at the Center for Arab Law Studies (CEDROMA) and is currently specializing in Public Law. Aya Abou Saleh aims for a career in Public Policy and Public Advocacy.

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