Le Commerce du Levant: "Une révolution énergétique pour le Liban"

July 29, 2020

Featured in Le Commerce Levant's August issue, an op-ed by Kulluna Irada and The Lebanese Foundation for Renewable Energy (LFRE) promoting Lebanon's transition toward green energy. 

"Today, Lebanon has an opportunity to immediately leapfrog into the green energy revolution by leveraging   its current natural resources (sun, wind and water) in order to generate sustainable electrical power.   Such energy production, aligned with least-cost planning, will not only provide a local, fast, cheap and clean solution to its energy crisis. It will also contribute to the country’s path out of its current economic crisis by reducing its hard currency outflow, shrinking the government’s budget deficit, stimulating the economy, preserving the environment and improving the welfare of the population."

Read the full op-ed (in French) here, or (in English) here.

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