TRT World: Lebanon: Can New Government Tackle Collapse?

September 14, 2021

After more than a year marked by national tragedy, Lebanon has a new government. But with the same parties in power and the same factional divisions, can this cabinet and its billionaire Prime Minister pull the country out of a historic economic crisis?

This episode's guest list: Diana Menhem Political Analyst Mustafa Allouch Vice President of Lebanon's Future Movement Party Joe Macaron Resident Fellow at the Arab Center Washington DC.

"We don't have much expectations of a government that has been formed by the same forces that brought the country to this political deadlock and economic abyss, said Kulluna Irada's Managing Director, Diana Menhem.

She added that while it's true that this government wishes to resume talks with the IMF, its ability to implement reforms required by an IMF program, many of which basically require the political class to shoot itself in the foot, is highly doubted.

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