Investigating Lebanon’s pre-qualified Oil and Gas Bidders: Who are They, and how Should We Assess Them?

October 1, 2017   |   Oil and Gas   |   Legal and Regulatory Framework   |   Brief The Executive magazine.

A total of 52 companies are pre-qualified to bid in Lebanon’s first offshore oil and gas licensing round, which closes on October 12, 2017. While the government ran transparent pre-qualification processes to screen these companies in 2013 and 2017, important questions are left unaddressed. To find out more, Kulluna Irada and The Lebanese Oil & Gas Initiative (LOGI), a local non-governmental organization dedicated to transparency and sound resource management, initiated an intensive research project into how the industry operates, what are key corruption and environmental risks in the oil and gas industry and who are the companies that can bid for rights to explore for and produce natural resources that belong to the nation. 

Legal and Regulatory Framework

Kulluna Irada and LOGI aim for good governance and transparency at every level in the Oil and Gas sector, especially within the legal and regulatory framework to avoid perpetuating corruption and elite capture of resources.

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